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November Forbes Magazine describes Eichler Architectural Home Owners
November 16th, 2009 4:37 PM

In the New Forbes Magazine for November 30th, 2009, Francesca Levy desribes the attraction and unusual passion that folks have for the Joseph Eichler homes, in Northern & Southern California. Out in the Conejo Valley is a tract of about 50 homes, and there are others in Balboa Highlands, and many in Orange County as well.

Remarkably, recent statistics show that the typical Eichler home in Thousand Oaks, is selling for up to 15% more than equal-sized nearby traditional homes. In fact, even in this tough market, the better-selling Eichlers are actually slightly smaller in living area.  I have included some photos I have taken, so you can being to see what the interest is all about. It is important to remember, the design of the house was purposely focused on the interior, wrapped around a little open atrium, and of course, the back yard, often with pool. The rather plain, non-descript street facing side was by design!

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