Real Estate Consultation

Ebert Real Estate Services offers consulting services to families, real estate agents, attorneys and accountants, as well as to organizations such as universities, banks, and other corporations. Examples of our services are below.


Families and Homeowners – We offer professional guidance to help you make an informed decision:

·         Support in buying or selling a property

      • Pre-listing appraisals
      • Help in gathering local property and sales data
      • “What if” scenarios to determine how much value home improvements can bring – What if I add a master suite?
      • Tips and traps for selling a house by owner
      • How to prepare a house for sale so that it will bring the best price

·         What kind of premium does an architecturally or historically significant house command

·         How to prepare for the appraiser

·         Estate and trust planning and administration, including gifting, date of death appraisals  

·         How to negotiate with agencies that want to buy your property for commercial pursuits

·         Establishing land value and property value for insurance, fire or casualty purposes

·         Support in resolving disputes, such as property tax, property line, right of way matters

·         Property valuations for divorce

·         Pretrial preparation for property matters that are headed to court

·         Advice for transforming your house into a home


Real Estate Agents –
We are a partner in supporting your success:

·         Pre-listing appraisals to help determine where to price a property

·         How to value an addition – for example a barn or horse facility

·         How to prepare for the appraiser

·         How to dispute a bad appraiser



Attorneys and Accountants – We provide court approved, qualified appraiser services:

·         Estate and trust planning and administration valuations  

·         Date of death valuations

·         Portfolio appraisals

·         Property disputes

·         Divorce cases

·         Probate, IRS determination or rebuttal of valuations

·         Review of previous appraisals

·         Expert witness testimony and courtroom support

·         Contractor disputes, construction defects



Organizations: Universities, Banks, and Corporations – We provide expert valuation advice: 

·         Valuation of institutional portfolios

·         Valuation of donated property.  Ebert Real Estate Services has assisted UCLA, Pepperdine and Loyola Marymount with these matters.

"James Ebert was incredibly through and professional. He gave me some valuable advice on tax issues that I did not know about and which were extremely helpful. Going so far as to send me links and explaining the things that I did not understand. I cannot recommend him highly enough."   - M

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