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When you’re looking for a real estate appraiser in Los Angeles, your search should start and end here.  Ebert Appraisal & Realty Service appraises real estate in the metro Los Angeles area, and we are also property appraisers throughout Los Angeles County and surrounding areas.  Los Angeles home values are unique, and you need a local Los Angeles appraiser with experience completing appraisals in Los Angeles County and surrounding areas.

Who should choose us to serve their real estate appraisal needs?

  • Credit unions and lenders in and near Ventura county:
    We are experts in providing mortgage appraisals on real estate in the Los Angeles area.  We perform full residential appraisals on Fannie Mae form 1004, drive-bys with exterior photos, interior inspections, single family, multi-family, condo, manufactured housing, HUD/FHA appraisals, purchased properties, or refinancing.
  • REALTORS® and real estate agents:
    We offer pre-listing appraisal services in metro Los Angeles, as well as a full range of appraisal services to support your clients’ home buying or home selling needs.
  • FSBOs, home sellers and homeowners:
    A listing appraisal can be a powerful tool for a for-sale-by-owner home seller.  And give yourself peace of mind that your largest investment — your Los Angeles area real estate — is really worth what you think it is by obtaining a professional appraisal.
  • CPAs and Attorneys:
    Whether it's estate planning, a divorce settlement, expert witness or a retroactive "date of death" valuation, Ebert Appraisal & Realty Service can provide a reliable, defensible appraisal reported in a special format developed especially for non-lending purposes.

If your needs include a professional, prompt, accurate real estate appraisal, contact us or order online to get started today.

We perform appraisals and appraisal services in the following areas:

  • Los Angeles County real estate
  • Ventura County real estate

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We are hearing from many folks about Low Appraisals, that then do not allow the sale to be completed. All that work, and those dreams, dashed on the ground. Don't let it happen to you! Have your agent call me for the inside tips! Here are just a few:
The time to avoid the Low Appraisal is before they come to the house.docx

The time to avoid the Low Appraisal is before they come to the house!

As an experienced appraiser, as well as a Westlake Berkshire Hathaway agent, I really appreciate the comments that Beth has shared.  I would like to offer more detail, based on the actual “behind-the-scenes” in the current appraisal shops:

 These days, if you care about the value of the appraisal, you certainly want to join the appraiser at the inspection, whether listing or selling agent. Before the appraiser has called to set up the appointment, he has already run some comps, reviewed the subject property and the MLS for it, and has a rough idea of the area. Then they accept the assignment.

 When they call to set the appointment, this is “ShowTime!” You have 3 minutes to make or break the next phase of the home sale.

1.      Before setting up the time, ask about previous local experience. Check their phone exchange. If it is from more than 10 miles away, politely excuse yourself and call for a different appraiser.

2.      Ask some questions that he or she would know about, if they had actually worked the area Things like: . “ So, what are the main boundaries for this neighborhood?” or “Which schools around here do you think are more desirable?’ or “ Who are the main employers for this area?” This lets you know if they truly know the local market.  Don’t beat them up, but a few soft questions can help you avoid trouble later.

3.      Share with them, that you know how hard the appraiser’s job is, and due to the lack of recent sales, you have some that you would like to email to them.  “What is your e-mail?” “I will also send you a word document with all the home’s features, so you can copy it right into your report.”

4.      If they refuse, or balk at your assistance, it’s time for a new appraiser.

5.    If you wait until they show up at the site, they may have the report already pre-written, and shot all the comps on their way in to the site. And those may be the closest, underpriced homes that happen to be nearby. The appraiser is required by law to not talk about value, but they should accept research & information from you.

6.       If the appraiser thinks they cannot talk to you, it is a false conception, and those are going to be trouble down the line.       



If the appraiser states that he does not want you there, it is time for a new appraiser.  Don’t confront him on the phone, but tell him you have to call him back in a bit. Then hang up, and get on the phone to the lender, and ask for a different local appraiser. Usually they will be accommodating. If the lender asks, state, “He doesn’t know the local market”.

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